Individual Support

Group support isn't right for everyone all the time.

Sometimes you may need to talk and can't wait for a monthly meeting. Or maybe you don't feel comfortable in a group setting. PFLAG Greensboro has members who are available to schedule a time outside of the group meetings to listen and answer questions.


Do you need support for a meeting with a teacher, school administrator or for a court date?

We can help.  PFLAG cannot provide legal advice or assistance but we do have members who can support you in those spaces.  

Examples include:

  • help you advocate for yourself or your child with issues arising in the school system or other community services
  • be witnesses for name changes, marriages
  • moral support for court dates

To reach out for Individual Support, contact us via email at or by phone at (984) 329-2203

Or, you can use the form below to ask a question, share your story or start a conversation.

Questions? Contact us:

(984) 329-2203


Upcoming PFLAG Meetings & Events

Chapter Meetings

They are held monthly, on the

third Tuesday  7:30 pm - 9:00 pm.